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Romantic Monemvasia Lures Lovers

The town of Monemvasia is relatively young compared to most Greek standards.  Founded in 583 BC, Monemvasia is located on the Southeastern tip of Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula on a tiny rocky island.  Monemvasia became an important commercial port for the Byzantine Empire, and continued this role for other conquering empires, such as the Latin Empire, […]

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Lesbos is for Lovers t-shirt

Lesbos is for Lovers

Lesbos is a Greek island located in the northeastern Aegean Sea. It has an area of 1632 km² (630 square miles) with 320 kilometres (almost 200 miles) of coastline, making it the third largest Greek island and the largest of the numerous Greek islands scattered in the Aegean. It is separated from Turkey by the […]

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