An Update on Preservation Efforts in Pompeii

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Since posting the article about the history of Pompeii and the threats to the site’s continued preservation, it has come to my attention that the Italian government, along with the EU, has started a 105 million Euro project to help with the preservation of the site. The Italian government has been facing criticism since the November 6, 2010 collapse of the ‘House of the Gladiators’ that they have not been doing enough to ensure the preservation of the site. The current project is particularly labelled to restoring and strengthening structures which are currently at risk of collapse, beginning with the ‘Sirico House’. Though it is estimated that it would take at least twice the amount pledged to fully secure the site, this project is certainly a step in the right direction.

Link of the original BBC News article:

Link to the blog from which I found the information(and thanks Chris for tweeting this):

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