Adolf Hitler’s ‘favourite painting’ of his Berghof retreat set to make £8K at auction

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Adolf Hitler spent a lot of time at his home nestled in the Bavarian Alps, known as the Berghof.  Hitler purchased the home in 1933 with money he made on the publishing of his Mein Kampf.  Two years later he renovated it and renamed it the Berghof.  Why does his house need a name? Who names houses anyways?  Hitler entertained many guests at the Berghof, including some of the most important political figures of the 1930s, such as British Prime Ministers David Lloyd George and Neville Chamberlain, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Austrian  Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.  Now a painting of the Berghof that hung in the home is going up on auction as reported in the Daily Mail.

For years it hung in Adolf Hitler’s Bavarian retreat, providing a scenic backdrop to the war plans Adolf Hitler's 'favourite painting' of his Berghof retreat set to make 8,000 pounds at auction - World History Newsthat shaped modern European history.


Now one of Hitler’s ‘favourite paintings’, The Berghof by Erich Mercker, is set to make thousands of pounds when it goes under the hammer this month.


The watercolour shows the construction of the Berghof, Hitler’s personal getaway in the Bavarian Alps. It hung in the building throughout the war.


It would have watched over some of Hitler’s most significant decisions, including the bombing of London and possibly the extermination of the Jews.

The picture is marked with the official inventory stamps of the Nazi party to show that it was in the building at the time and has come up for auction after the death of its owner, an anonymous collector.

Read the rest of the article at Adolf Hitler’s ‘favourite painting’ of his Berghof retreat set to make £8K at auction | Mail Online.

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