2000-Year-Old Road Unearthed in Ancient Troy

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The Greek Reporter provides details of a 2,000 year old road uncovered in Ancient Troy.

Road 35-kilometer-long and 2000 years old was found in the region of Canakkale 2000-Year-Old Road Unearthed in Ancient Troybetween Alexandria of Troy and the sacred place of Sminthion.

Professor Davut Kaplan, the leader of the excavations, stated that the discovery of this excavation was not too surprising, adding: “If we had carried out the excavation work with limited resources, we would have discovered only 5-10 meters of the whole road. Nevertheless, we have unearthed 45 meters of the road, before the excavations come to an end. We wish that the excavations would uncover the whole road.

Read the rest of the article at 2000-Year-Old Road Unearthed in Ancient Troy | Greek Reporter Europe.

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  1. Cornelis van Tilburg says:

    Does the excavated part of the road contain traces of wheel-ruts?

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