Celebrate and remember your favorite historical events.

[fourcol_one]July 4th 1776 - US Declaration of IndependenceFeburary 3rd 1959 – The Day The Music DiedJuly 20th 1969 - MLK Assassination[/fourcol_one]

[fourcol_one]July 1st 1867 - Canadian Confederation1963 - I Have a DreamAugust 16th 1977 - Elvis Presley Died[/fourcol_one]

[fourcol_one]November 11th 1918 - Armistice DayNovember 22nd 1963 – JFK Assassination[/fourcol_one]

[fourcol_one_last]May 8th 1945 - Victory in Europe DayApril 4th 1968 – MLK Assassination[/fourcol_one_last]


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