The Day Austria disappeared from the Map

I have always wondered about how Austria joined with Nazi Germany in the beginning of World War II and what the sentiment of the Austrians were at the time.  Dr. Walter R. Roberts wrote a great article for American Diplomacy.  I strongly encourage you to read it.

At a conference in Washington, several months ago, the Austrian ambassador to the United States mentioned that Mexico was the only country that formally protested theThe Day Austria disappeared from the Map - World History Articles March 11, 1938 incorporation of Austria into Nazi-Germany. He was right and it reminded me of that fateful day when I lived in Vienna. Mexico’s demarche also prompted me to think about the responses of other countries to the takeover and of the actions of the Austrian and German governments.

Mexico submitted its protest to the League of Nations in Geneva on March 19, 1938. The League of Nations records show that no other country acted. On June 11, 1938, Chile expressed its regret that Austria had disappeared as a member of the League of Nations and the representative of the Spanish Republican government at the League accused Nazi Germany on the same day, stating that “they have devoured Austria; they are trying to reduce Spain to ashes; they menace the very existence of Czechoslovakia.” On September 21, 1938, six months after the annexation, the League of Nations revealed that in March the Soviet Union had unsuccessfully attempted to rally Britain and France to join the USSR to prevent Austria’s demise.

Read the full article at Roberts | The Day Austria disappeared from the Map.

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