History Gift Guide – Medieval/Renaissance History Movies

History Gift Guide – Medieval/Renaissance History Movies

There are great history movies based on stories from the time periods of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.  High drama can be found throughout Europe during those times, but unfortunately, Hollywood has not picked up on too many of them yet.

Here’s a list of some of the best selling Medieval/Renaissance History movies!

[amazon_link id=”B000ICLRIE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Kingdom of Heaven[/amazon_link]

An epic marvel that’s as beautifully acted as it is visually awesome, Kingdom of Heaven stars Orlando Bloom as Balian, a Jerusalem blacksmith who has lost his family ? and his faith. But when his father (Liam Neeson) shows him his destiny, Balian vows to defend his country, and in the process, falls in love, becomes a formidable leader, and steps forever into history

[amazon_link id=”B000NQRE0K” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Braveheart[/amazon_link]

Mel Gibson’s Oscar-winning 1995 Braveheart is an impassioned epic about William Wallace, the 13th-century Scottish leader of a popular revolt against England’s tyrannical Edward I (Patrick McGoohan). Gibson cannily plays Wallace as a man trying to stay out of history’s way until events force his hand, an attribute that instantly resonates with several of the actor’s best-known roles, especially Mad Max. The subsequent camaraderie and courage Wallace shares in the field with fellow warriors is pure enough and inspiring enough to bring envy to a viewer, and even as things go wrong for Wallace in the second half, the film does not easily cave in to a somber tone.

[amazon_link id=”B00487HQUI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Rob Roy[/amazon_link]

One of the most invigorating period adventures to hit the big screen in decades, this lavish, brilliantly directed film drew critical and audience raves when it was released in 1995. Inspired by historical fact and larger-than-life legend, the intelligently scripted story takes place in Scotland in 1713, when Highland farmer and clan leader Rob Roy MacGregor (Liam Neeson) is forced to borrow money from the duplicitous aristocrat Marquis of Montrose (John Hurt) to help his clan survive a harsh winter. When Montrose’s vile henchman (Tim Roth) schemes to dishonor MacGregor and his wife (Jessica Lange) and take the money for himself, the rugged Highlander must take courageous action to preserve his integrity.

[amazon_link id=”B004GXKBDI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Elizabeth / Elizabeth: The Golden Age[/amazon_link]

One of the big Elizabethan-era films of 1998, Shekhar Kapur’s Elizabeth serves up a brimming goblet of religious tension, political conspiracy, sex, violence, and war. England in 1554 is in financial and religious turmoil as the ailing Queen “Bloody” Mary attempts to restore Catholicism as the national faith. She has no heir, and her greatest fear–that her Protestant half-sister Elizabeth will assume the throne after her death–is realized.

[amazon_link id=”B003XWEQ1G” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Robin Hood[/amazon_link]

Academy Award winner Russell Crowe and visionary director Ridley Scott (Gladiator) reunite for the untold story of the man behind the legend. In an age of oppression and shameless tyranny, an outlaw becomes the unlikely hero that saves a nation and inspires generations to fight for freedom. In this thrilling action adventure, “Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott are at their most entertaining since Gladiator” (Dan Jolin, Empire (UK). Also starring Academy Award® winner Cate Blanchett.

[amazon_link id=”B000Y5CHIE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Last of the Mohicans[/amazon_link]

An epic adventure and passionate romance unfold against the panorama of a frontier wilderness ravaged by war. Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Hawkeye, rugged frontiersman and adopted son of the Mohicans, and Madeleine Stowe is Cora Munro, aristocratic daughter of a proud British Colonel. Their love, tested by fate, blazes amidst a brutal conflict between the British, the French and Native American allies that engulfs the majestic mountains and cathedral-like forests of Colonial America.

[amazon_link id=”B0013FSXSC” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]First Knight[/amazon_link]

Together, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Julia Ormond (Legends of the Fall, Sabrina) and Jerry Zucker,the director of Ghost, bring you a new vision of King Arthur’s Camelot. A vision of breathtaking battles, of heart-pounding courage, of the undeniable love that brought an entire kingdom to its knees… and of the undying passion that made it live forever.

[amazon_link id=”B000VDDWDS” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World[/amazon_link]

When a sudden attack by a French warship inflicts casualities and severe damage upon his vessel, Captain “Lucky” Jack Aubrey (Crowe) of the British Royal Navy is torn between duty and friendship as he embarks on a thrilling, high-stakes chase across two oceans to intercept and capture the enemy at any cost. Nominated for 10 Academy Awards including Best Picture!

[amazon_link id=”B0064MT1U8″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Shakespeare in Love[/amazon_link]

Triumphant winner of 7 Academy Awards — including Best Picture — this witty, sexy smash features Oscar-winning Best Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and an amazing cast that includes Academy Award-winners Judi Dench, Geoffrey Rush, and Ben Affleck. When Will Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) needs passionate inspiration to break a bad case of writer’s block, a secret romance with the beautiful Lady Viola (Paltrow) starts the words flowing like never before! There are just two things he’ll have to learn about his new love: not only is she promised to marry someone else, but she’s successfully impersonating a man in order to play the lead in Will’s latest production! A truly can’t-miss motion picture event with outstanding critical acclaim to match its impressive collection of major awards — everyone will love this funny behind-the-scenes look at the writing of the greatest love story ever told!

[amazon_link id=”B003DZAMHU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Man in the Iron Mask[/amazon_link]

The self-serving King Louis XIV is all-powerful and fears no one except the man he condemned to wear an iron mask and imprisoned for life. Retired Musketeers vow to free the mysterious prisoner who may be France’s only hope for survival.

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