Top 7 Mountain Ranges in USA

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Top 7 Mountain Ranges in USA

The United States have always been famous for their beautiful cities and amazing views but tourists have yet to discover just how nice the top mountain ranges are in the country. Most people who live in the country will overlook just how beautiful the mountain ranges are. If you are looking to visit the country, it is first crucial to make sure that you have the proper documents before you visit these mountain ranges. First, you will need to get your ESTA US Visas by filling out your ESTA Visa application. Once you have your ESTA US Visa, you will be able to visit all the best mountain ranges.

The Sierra Nevada

The Sierra mountains have been very famous and are among the most famous in the world. You will be guaranteed to have breathtaking views and the locals definitely boast about their mountain range.

Appalachians-Blue Ridge Range

This is also a very famous mountain range in the East Coast. With 2181 miles of footpath, you will definitely be able to see a lot of the East Coast.

Cumberland Mountains

This mountain range in the Southeastern area of the Appalachian mountains have been getting a lot of popularity lately. This is definitely a top spot to visit in the East Coast.

The Southern Appalachians

The Southern Appalachians have become very famous in the mountain range world and people tend to think that this is among the best.

The Cascades

The Northern Cascade mountain range is where you will be able to see the best views in the world. They have one of the most photographed mountains in the world and the Washington view helps to make the view that much better.

The Rockies

The West Coast is known for their mountain range called the Rockies. This is the major mountain range in the West coast and it stretches more than 3000 miles.

The Tetons

The Teton Range is very famous in the Rocky Mountains and it is among the best in the country. Most people tend to forget about the Tetons and this is a shame.

These are the top mountain ranges in the country and you should definitely take the time to visit these areas. If you are able to get your ESTA US Visa approved, you will then just need to find the best mountain range to visit. However, you simply cannot forget your camera when you visit.

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