The Yesteeyear blog features history stories, book reviews, and travel information to historical locations that I’ve found interesting and compiled them to share with you.  The articles highlight the historical significance of the clothing designs I’ve created or anything else I find fascinating.

About Me! Chris Rivait - YesteeyearWhy History T-shirts?

One day on the way home from work back in July, I was listening to the history podcast Stuff You Missed in History Class from HowStuffWorks.com and got the idea of history inspired t-shirts.  I can’t remember what the episode was about, but it got me thinking about the idea.  I had done some screening in my high school art class, which I thought was pretty neat.  In university, I had designed a few t-shirts for different residence houses.  But I always thought it would be cool to design t-shirts.

I created my personal website, ChristopherRivait.com, which so far has consisted of my journal entries from my mission trip to Haiti, as well as migrating an older genealogy blog I had on wordpress.com.  I started learning Inkscape to create my designs and opened up a Cafepress store.  I thought about creating a place where more history related content could be compiled together as a one stop shop for everything history.

My Kids in their Japan shirts

So here it is! I will be adding new designs constantly to the store, as well as  new sections and content to the site.  Please come back often!




If you want to write for Yesteeyear, or have any questions, please send me a message!

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Disclosure: All links for book reviews and some travel go to Amazon.com using my affiliate code.  If your visit to Amazon results in a purchase, I will receive a percentage of the sale.  It won’t cost you anything, it will just help me out. Thanks!

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