The 1796 Surrender of Detroit to the U.S.

I find it interesting to find out why places are named what they are.  Wayne County in Michigan is the 15th most populous county in the US.  It is where you’ll find Detroit and was named after General Anthony Wayne.  In fact, there are 14 other states with a Wayne County all named after the general.  “Mad” Anthony Wayne was known for his heroic charges into the hottest spots of the battlefield.  As John Willyard of the Farmington Patch explains, Jacob Burnet wrote about his first-hand accounts of the historic events in Michigan during the early years of the United States, many of which are about “Mad” Anthony Wayne.

“Burnet’s Notes On The Northwestern Territory”, written by Jacob Burnet (1770 – 1853), provides very interesting insight into the surrender of Detroit and is quoted below. He was a circuit rider judge who was a The 1796 Surrender of Detroit to the U.S. - Battle Of Fallen Timberspersonal witness to many significant early events in Michigan’s history. His book was published in 1847 based on a series of letters he wrote starting in 1837.


The Revolutionary War ended with the Treaty of Paris, signed in 1783, which granted the Northwest Territories to the United States. Since there was no pressure from the local inhabitants to hand over Detroit, and since most of the Indians in the Northwest Territories supported the British and vigorously resisted American movement into the territory, it remained in the hands of the British.


The so-called “Western Indian Confederacy,” under the leadership of Blue Jacket of the Shawnees and Little Turtle of the Miamis, engaged U.S. military forces in the area and won decisive victories against them in 1790 and 1791. In response, George Washington placed Revolutionary War hero Anthony Wayne in charge of a military force to overcome the Indian opposition and open the Territory to U.S. settlement.

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