History is Bunk – Rewriting Historic Myths

As they say, history is not an exact science!  As you read through the article by Harry Mount that appeared in the IOL News, you will find many historic truths once believed to be correct are in actually misrepresentations of facts.  Governments and cultures dictate what they want people to believe.  The truth is bent to help shape people’s perception.

History is bunk, said American industrialist Henry Ford. Now a new book backs him up – with some very surprising examples…Inaccurate Image of Vikings - History is Bunk - Rewriting Historic Myths - History News

The Vikings never had horns on their helmets


None of the helmets unearthed from Viking archaeological sites have horns.


These appeared as an illustration of Viking headgear only in the 19th century, thanks to Swedish artist Gustav Malmstrom, who used them in an edition of an ancient Scandinavian tale.


Some historians have even doubted the Vikings’ reputation for violence. A 1995 investigation by the BBC Timewatch series poured cold water on the image of the Viking as a deranged pillager.


Professor Janet Nelson, a medieval historian at King’s College, London, said it was difficult to find evidence of specific raids in contemporary accounts.


“In fact, there isn’t a single case of rape,” she told the programme. Instead, the average Viking was more likely to be “a decent, respectable migrant” who was “a little dull”. Anglo-Saxon England, it seems, was invaded by an orderly band of gentle accountants.

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