Blackbeard’s pirate ship cannon recovered from ocean

Englishman Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard was one of the most feared pirates in the West Indies from 1716 to 1718.  Although little is known of his early life, Blackbeard used the fear of his captives to rob them and rarely if ever killed or tortured them.  Myles Burke of the Telegraph reports about the salvage efforts to retrieve the cannon from Blackbeard’s ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge.  When watching the video, it is hard to see that the object being lifted out of the water is actually the cannon.  After being underwater for close to 300 years, it is almost unrecognizable.

The cannon was retrieved from the wreck of Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship usedBlackbeard's pirate ship cannon recovered from ocean - History News by infamous English pirate Blackbeard, who operated around the West Indies and the east coast of the American colonies.


The shipwreck lies in about 25ft of water just off the coast of the American state of North Carolina and the expedition to recover artefacts is being led by the state’s Department of Cultural Resources.


The ship ran aground on a sandbank about a mile from shore on June 10 1718, as Blackbeard’s flotilla of four vessels was heading for Beaufort Inlet, in the British colony of North Carolina.

Read the rest of the story at Video: Blackbeard’s pirate ship cannon recovered from ocean – Telegraph.

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